i like to believe that you are, indeed, the author of your own story.

this blog chronicles ours. telling it how it is for Team Neidens. through my lens (lenses): la Madre, Ultra Violet, Hardscrabble, and most recently, Captain Mad Beets.

the character names change from time-to-time…we are typically going by the main alter-ego of the season…but sometimes a pirate name supercedes it, or something of that nature. Deep Woods is sometimes Dread Pirate Grey Beard, or Captain No Dance, Crit has been plenty of names: Happy Hour, Tink, Hardware Store, Jewels or Gems, Naya Nuki, and every so often, she says she’s Mad Beets in Training. Debul started out at the Squawking Buffalo, then he wanted to be called Box, he was One Gold Debloom for many months, and no longer wants to be called Notch….we’re going with Debul for now.

you’ll catch on…

the main setting is a remote ranch outside an isolated mountain town in Wyoming. the property we are care taking in the Absoroka mountains. it is the kind of remote that  sometimes you can’t drive to. We loaded up all our characters and alter-egos and many of our rocks, and moved to this paradise in May 2014. Game. Changer.

The front page Highlight Reel is a 10-post sample of the story. From the Origins on through. i suppose it could give you an impression of how our story is unfolding.

2 thoughts on “bbN

  1. “….and we live in udder isolation” Dr. William Spooner would be proud.
    Intelligence is so measured by language, especially in mirthful aphorism.


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