Change Your Perspective

Headstands at yoga tonight. Three of them. The best part was we did them right at the beginning of class. Turning things upside down every once in a bit is an important thing to remember.

Doing some prolonged downward facing dogs too. Up to six-minutes. There was certainly a time that staying in downdog for 2 minutes was a major struggle. There was a time that me heels did not come close to the floor. Then, somewhere along the way, downdog became one of my favorite places to be. It was a welcome break after some challenging poses or exhausting vinyasas.

The first time I stayed for five minutes felt rather brutal…but then it grew on me. There is something uber fantastic about turning your world upside down and seeing what you see and feeling what you feel. I recommend giving it a go. Just a few upside-down minutes a day to keep you adjusted when you are right-side up.

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