Critter and I had our game flowing. We were in the zone! Each day was better than the one before.

Got all my work done before wake-up and during morning nap. Coffee shop for first bottle, home for breakfast, crawl and cruise a bit – Naptime!

Field Trip to town. Lunch, or tea, park time, errands, back home for crawl-about.

Rode bikes over to Frank’s for a hang and a Jep!

Nap #2. La Madre cranked out some fabulously intense yoga sessions EVERYDAY during Nap #2. (Sore legs for days!!!)

Early morning wake-up on Saturday for Bountiful Baskets, which led to incredible early morning hike up the hills.  Backyard yoga in the sunshine on the partially completed hot tub deck (part of me doesn’t want the hot tub to go there now – it was PERFECT for wind-free sunshine yoga!).

Phone rang….”Hola Daddio!…What? Oh, Congratulations! Great Work! Yee Haw!…You still have a second tag though don’t you?…Oh, not for that area – I see…Oh, it’s raining – I see….so you are heading home then… tomorrow – I see.  No…that’s great! Wonderful! We can’t wait to have you back! Hurry home.”

Bittersweet. Love that Daddio came home a whole 5 days early, but was also diggin Madre y Muneca time.

Had an Indian Food and Painting Evening planned for Sunday night – Rad Bitches Only invite. Fellas coming home early crashed it. It was still fantastic. Great food, great people (ended up being more boys at dinner than R.Bs).

So Lucky. To be happy together, to be happy alone…to be so supported each and every day.

Feeling rather joy-full and grate-full lately.

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