Detox Staycation

La Madre y muneca’s morning fresh air

Bags are full and waiting patiently at the door. They were supposed to be loaded into the car this morning and in Denver this evening. So were we. All of us but the dogs. We failed. La Madre got halted. I reckon it’ll be a good thing in the end. Now, Muneca, Notch, and LM are participating in a cleansing. We are detoxifying everything about us. Crud has been lingering since we got back from Christmas. It’s all getting flushed out.

LM devoted 2013 to Optimal Performance. It has been an interesting beginning. Lots of lessons in failed plans and “making the best of it”. A great deal of successes too.

Holidays were fab. Lasted from Halloween till Schmullski and Jeffski left. Scaled back considerably since then. Crit and i have been out for several skis and a bike ride or two. Deb-ul been in my pack and on the bike. Got a few yoga classes in. Chalet is coming along. Went to the Village, snowboarded at Targhee and even went for a back-country run with Daddio up Two Ocean. Stronger and stronger everyday…yet miles to go before i sleep.

and i got my first client

and i love coaching

Just working through clearing out some congestion and LM should be in good shape!

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