Sunshine’s callin’ my name…

This is not complaining.

This winter has been outrageous.

Since I pedalled myself from Steamboat Springs to Estes Park with Critter making herself at home inside of me, i knew that this was in the future. Actually, i reckoned i’d still be taking backcountry runs on my splitboard…but i’ll take any activity in the snow as goal attained.

Basically x-country skiing (in its many forms) and snowshoeing. and it makes all the difference.

But i’m leaving it all behind.

Heading for the sunshine. for Shorida. for the camel and the giraffe. for the 5K loop through the golf course. for the chub-rub i get when i start running again. for the respite.

i’m a gonna run, and i’m a gonna stretch, and sweat…and laugh…and love

and chill by the pool, and sip cocktails, and drop my shoulders down my back.

and I’m NOT gonna split wood, nor haul it in any direction, nor stoke the fire in the middle of the night.

i’m not gonna wear socks, nor a puffy, nor put any feet in any toasters.

i’m just gonna smile, and appreciate.

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