Race Day

Perhaps it was an incredible day because there was absolutely no hype. There was no anticipation of it whatsoever.

We woke up in the morning and i asked if they wanted a power breakfast to be in a running race in town.

We gobbled down bananas and honey and peanut butter. We started hydrating. We marched into the wardrobe and chose costumes wisely and percisely. We loaded up and buckled-our-own-selves in. First stop: Kathy’s Coffee Shop. We hydrated  more and sipped on  honey sticks. We sat the lawn chairs out on sidewalk and cheered and clapped and yelled “woohoo” to all the 5K and 10K racers. We drove to the park and unloaded proudly. Sauntered over to the registration booth and signed both Squawking Buffalo and Hardware Store up for their first race. Got race bibs and race packets.

we pinned the race bibs to our hoodies, hydrated some more, and starting hanging out in the pre-race-gather-up buzz. HardwareStore busted out some stretches and new yoga poses with Katfish. Squawk was in the backpack. We headed to the starting line. Pre-race anxiety came flushing over Crit. She wanted to bail  so badly. Then Shank showed up at the starting line. Game changer. The guy said Ready-Set-Go and she was OFF. Took a while to let go of my finger, but she trotted along with determination. She had to touch every interpretive-trail-marker along the path…

people were cheering for her. all sorts of people everywhere. on every corner, someone knew her and said her name and cheered for her. and then Shank was there mid-course. she had pride in her stride. She was ready to walk once the crowds thinned, but she made it all the way up to Katfish’s post. Then a mild canter in the boom-shakalaka (meanwhile Squawk is still in the backpack). She dismounted right before the end and ran across the finish line. and Shank was there too.

and she was breathing hard. and someone handed her a water bottle. and she watched all the 5K and 10 K racers cross the finish line. out of breath and flushed and exhausted.

and then there was the music playing, and the post-race spread…bananas, yogurt, bagels, juices, waters. and the sitting with the other racers in the sunshine waiting for race-results. and getting a toy prize just for entering. and WINNING A PINK BIKE IN A RAFFLE!!!

she tore through the race packet when she got home. and was thrilled with each and every item. she couldn’t believe all the loot involved in a running race. and she wore her race shirt (Youth Medium) and raced around the house. and requested that you clap and yell woohoo everytime she runs by. she’s been running by and by and by and by…

Much of what we do involves a great deal of hype. we talk all about it…sometimes for months… sometimes years (we talk about seeing each other in Mexico in 2016). we  hype it up. to spend the day like that was something special. it captured its own significance without the lead-up and the fanfare. it was a great day.




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