bbN and the bachelerottes

just returned from a 5-day-girls-road-trip-to-Boulder. and it was certainly a swell time.

it was loaded with biking: on trails way-over-my-head, through town, at night, in the rain, wearing heels, in a band of five, all-the-time…

it was sprinkled with hiking. short and steep and sweaty. and foggy and damp. and crowded with folk. and all-alone.

it was doused with conversation. with friends 25 years, 20 years, all the way up to that very day. about love. about marriage. about divorce. about parenthood. about being single. about running, biking, skiing your guts out. about healthy foods – from kim chi to bone broth. about delicious beers and tasty cocktails. about great coffee. about chocolate.

about being cool. about keeping kind.

about the commitment to live the lifestyle that fits us best.

right now, the thing that keeps me up at night…the thing i toss and turn over the most…is food waste.

seriously? food waste?

life must be swell indeed if my most gnawing concern is over the amount of food we don’t compost because of the grizzly bears. i might be at the end of the rainbow.

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