Romance on the Frontier

img_1240I’ve always had a bone to pick with the Love Languages guy.

Why didn’t he include FOOD? i don’t think it is appropriate to put it under acts-of-service…it deserves a category of its own. I have known many of these folks in my life. they absolutely express their love through the quality or both product and experience of any food they share with others. i have felt this way about the food love language for a long time.

recently…i have learned of another category for a love language that also does not exist in the book.  i’m not certain what it is called…it looks like this:

the night before his bon-voyage (last night), Deep Woods came through the snow path in to the front door and declared “There are 2 new windshield wipers on the truck, 2 spares on the backseat. i broke a chain…but you can get by without fixing it for now. The gas tank is at 1/2 tank (he doesn’t commit to saying 1/2 full or 1/2 empty…) There is a full 5 gallons of fuel in the back of the truck, and the fuel on the porch is for the side-by-side. Please try to maintain the pullouts.” he handed me a 6-pack of my most recent favorite clever-and-piney IPA. he has spent countless hours plowing. It is truly unbelievable that we are still driving in and out of here. and each morning and each night, he dedicates his efforts to me he says. i says you know i can’t keep up with it like that. he says he knows. he says he tried to set us up for the greatest chance of success for driving in and out. cause once the road shuts down, it stays that way for 5 months. i says gulp.

We spent hours together outside on Sunday. The wee peeps played together in perfect harmony as we tended to chores of winter and shoveled snow off all the building roofs…and then again off the decks it fell on to…after just shoveling the decks off of all the snow that was still on the roof… We basically just prepared and braced ourselves for this week’s storms. i had to rescue DW several times that he got the plow truck stuck. hero. of. horse. creek.

we succeeded. this morning, DW went for one final plow lap before school. when the sun came up, he rolled outta here with both peeps in the chainless Tundra. i touched up the edges with the plow on my way in to get Devlin…but the road is in incredible shape for the 6-week relentless onslaught of winter we just experienced.

spent the afternoon in town today with Squawk. we were everywhere doing everything. cause once we scooped up Crit, we knew we were retreating to the frontier until Monday morning.

we listened to the kirtan station all evening, and ate by candlelight.

we watched the full moon rise from beginning to end.

we read a new book from the library.

we opened the door to listen for wolves howling at the moon.

and then we put our hands together for a final Macaroni Piggy good-night…replete with onikoinkoinkoinkoinks…after the count of lights-camera-action.

day one down. 13 to go.

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