womp womp

i basically took the weekend off.

on Thursday, during happy hour, it was discovered that the wee peeps could be dropped off in Lander on Friday morning by DW, and scooped up by me on Saturday AFTER the birthday ski. i paced around all night while the peeps packed their wee little suitcases. i couldn’t quite believe that i was suddenly presented with an entire blank day home alone.

i baked a triple chocolate cake for the birthday ski. and moved a bag of shrimp from the freezer to the fridge. there was suddenly a whiff of luxury in my life.

on Friday, at about 6:30am, while the wee peeps were gobbling up their breakfast at the Cowpoke Counter, and their “luggage” was lined up by the front door, and DW was out for an early-dark plow run, a text came through from Ami.


team T-Rex was out with the flu…that they probably got from us…

DW was out the door shortly after.

we were left with heaps and heaps of snow to plow, a broken vacuum cleaner, some new library books, 2 library DVDs, a triple chocolate cake, thawing shrimp, and each other.

we plowed to town for some weekend provisions. grapefruits and a bottle of wine, really.

we made broccoli soup from our bone broth. we baked cornbread. we made beet-carrot-apple-cucumber juice. we made Valentines and thank-you cards. our kombucha is brewing on the countertop, and our kraut is just about fermented. we made Shrimp Athenian for dinner on Saturday, and i had the leftovers tonight. we are doing all the hippie-healthy things we can manage.

i got out for a big ski on Thursday. and i’ve shoveled gobs and gobs of snow, and hauled plenty of pellets, i’m yoga-ing when i can. i have a new daily strengthening activity now…filling up and transferring 5 gallons of fuel into the ranch truck at a time…comes with a pleasing aroma that sticks on both my jacket and gloves. feels real healthy. it turns heads…for realz.

i’m choosing to allow it all to work. i’m choosing to not just focus on the finish line, but to enjoy all the moments along the way. even the challenging ones…

especially the challenging ones…

my bike ride was a pleasurable experience because i did my best to take care of myself all day long, everyday. i rested and slept. i ate well. i stayed hydrated. i was warm and dry at the end of everyday. i brushed my teeth and washed my face. i made choices that honored myself and my safety. i thought about all that i was grateful for everyday. it was not difficult to stay positive and happy.

i must honor myself during this test of endurance too. the chocolate cake was part of that (only 1/4 remains). and so was taking a few nights off (which really just means i watched Netflix and went to bed early. if you haven’t seen The Get Down, you really outta). we wrapped the weekend off at Shanks for the Super Bowl. Guacamole and Frozen Pizzas. perfect weekend-ender.

my snowshoe with Shank and Mike this morning was certainly helpful too.  it made lying under the truck, chiseling the ice out of the chain links, more bearable this morning. both peeps made it to school on time.

Tomorrow is the first official day at Moose Willow Academy. we were made for this.

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