A Birthday Eve

Took Critter on an afternoon stroll behind the house today with Daddio and doggles. Was one of the rare Dubois days without the whistling wind.

Today is Daddio’s Birthday Eve – which i always like to celebrate with a tad more excitement than is probably necessary. Birthday Eve’s are terrific.  Right at the brink of celebrating another tour around the sun. Thinking about how grateful you are to have been born. Thinking about all the places and with all the people you have ever celebrated your birthday. Since birthdays should always be a wee bit longer than they are (except when you have the great fortune of a birthday falling on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) it is critical to extend into Birthday eve to truly kick-off the party.

Made a Peanut Butter Pie. Today was my 6th attempt at making a Peanut Butter Pie for Daddio’s birthday. I’ve never used the same recipe twice (who are we kidding…I haven’t actually followed a recipe yet – or ever). None of them have been too stellar. Yet, Daddio insists it is what he wants me to make for his birthday. This time was no exception. Thought I had the bomb-diggity pie. Pretzel crust with a layer of melted chocolate and then a peanut butter pudding filling. Well, I never made it past the crust. The recipe called for vegan margarine. i don’t even understand how a product like that exists. Apparently, however, it measures differently than straight up butter. We’ll see how it goes, I reckon.

Still recovering from WING NIGHT last night. Held the event at our homestead. Six different wing varieties were represented. It was a fabulous effort by all. When you live in a town without chicken wings, you can find yourself occassionally depressed – especially if you are pregnant. Wings are my guiltiest pleasure. For shizzle. Even in the days when I ate no other meat…I craved wings and splurged every once and a bit. In all actuality, I find everything about eating chicken wings completely repulsive. But, it does not stop me from tackling some crispy hot ones when the moments present themselves.

Daddio is taking the day off tomorrow – going for a hike. Critter and I are on our own. We’ll get a little taste of what next week will be like with no Daddio, a full-time job, pregnant, with infant, and major daily need for fresh-air activities. critter has yet to grow a pearly white…my money is on the day that Daddio’s flight takes off.

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