La Madre y Muneca

I relish the days when ‘ol Daddio goes out of town to work or to hunt. I love it. I love living alone. I love every minute of it.

I feel so refreshed and renewed after a couple days flying solo. I usually get some projects done, paint a little, eat extremely well, exercise a ton, write some, catch up on phone calls, clean the place impecabely, drink too much wine, sleep great, listen to music Daddio doesn’t particularly care for…I basically live the life of my good old days when all I had to consider was my health and happiness.

Of course, I am super pysched when he comes back. I love living with him too. It is just a way different sort of living. I appreciate that my life still has both – a couple a weeks a year that it is just me, myself, and i.

But, those days have come and gone. Daddio still goes on his trips, but now I fly duo.

La Madre y Muneca.

Partners in Happiness

It has been since September that Critter and I were on our own. Things sure were a bit different then. She slept a ton and I did not have to think twice about plunking her down somewhere and walking away. Now she’s a mobile little bugger. Never stops. Crawl, scoot, and babble – repeat. I think this run of it will be a tad different, but I’m still stoked.

It’ll be great for us to spend the week together. I know that I’ll be challenged. I already get frustrated with how much I have to do, and how little practical time and space I have to get it all done. I’ve already let that go for this week. I tried valiently to double-down on my work last week cause I know how impossible it will be for me to accomplish much while Critter is awake. Because I’ve let it go, I hope to be able to just spend the time with her happily, without feeling the weight of something hanging over me.

Good times ahead for little Critter and me this week!

I bet Daddio that I’d have the recycling bins (that I’ve been talking about for at least 2 years) built by the time he returns. La Madre LOVES competition. Having something on the line will  sure help her knock it out. She’s pumped too. It’s been a while since she’s had a good project to work on. Last major one was the shower I reckon. And that took quite a while…in fact, it is still not exactly finished…still needs some trim work and some finishing touches….but it sure is LOVELY to shower in it!

Looking forward to the week “alone”.

One thought on “La Madre y Muneca

  1. Enjoy the me, myself, and I while you still have it. When the Sprout arrives, please let me know how you get half of that stuff done with Becki, Critter, and Sprout. I can't wait to read that blog. I'm super stocked that you've made this dream a reality. You go momma!


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