Wishing for a Tub

I made a solemn vow that I would not become pregnant again until we either got the hot tub up and running, or installed a tub in our house.

We have two showers. I hated them both. Two years ago, I ripped out the shower in our bedroom because it was desperate for an upgrade, and I wanted to learn how to tile. While it was out of commission for over a year, we used the shower in the other bathroom. Of course, the lights in that bathroom did not work. It turned out to be rather incredible though. We had this candle-tree thing that we got as a wedding gift.

Last winter, I watched myself grow by candlelight in the shower. It became a rather luxurious moment of my days. It certainly grew cramped in there. By April, if I dropped something, I had to do without. It was no soak in a hot tub – but I think about that winter with great fondness for the time spent in that shower.

Framed and Wonderboarded

On my weekends, I worked on the other shower. Daddio helped me sometimes, but I did a lot of the work when he was out of town. I had a friend help me with the demolition, another friend help me with the framing and tile prep, and pouring the concrete floor, had another friend help me hang the door, Uncle Jeffro hung the mirror…but Daddio helped me once it was time to tile. We do not work well on projects together. We have two completely different visions. He does not understand why I make things so complicated, I do not understand why you wouldn’t do something awesome if you are going to bother doing it at all. By the end, we each had our roles. He mixed the mortar, hauled buckets of fresh water, cut the tiles, and grouted the floor. I laid the tiles, marked them for cutting, and grouted the walls. He was the plumber on the job – I was the mason. We had to work through many uncomfortable moments and awkward arguments (I say awkward because we don’t argue much, so it seems weird when we do – we haven’t learned the best way to argue with each other yet). But we finished it – together.

One of the walls…never quite transferred the exact same way
Laying out the floor tiles

Took my first shower in it the week before Critter was due (month before she actually did). I absolutely LOVE it! Of course it is not completely complete. Still have some trim work to do…but I simply enjoy my time showering in there. I love just getting lost staring at the slate tiles. They are all so colorful and different and incredible. The space is perfect. There is a bench – so when I’m 7 months along this time, I’ll still be able to shave my legs! Critter’s blow-up tub fits perfectly on the floor. It really is a masterpiece.

Perfect little fit
Attempting to lay out wall tiles…

Today was another day in a string of many that did not play out as hoped. Took Critter out for a stroll, but the wind was outrageous. We made it as far as the barbed wire fence, and turned around. Outside and fresh air…but not exactly exercise. Went for a hang and a Jeopardy, but spent the majority of the day cooped up with Critter and the doggles.

I gave Crit a bath in the sink after dinner. She headed off to bed not too long after that. I knew I hadn’t quite hit my balance mark for the day, so wondered what I could do for myself….boy I wished I had that bathtub or hot tub! I decided instead to take the ‘ol candle tree into my bathroom and have myself an old fashioned pregnancy shower. It was rather fabulous. Stayed in there until the hot water turned cold. Delightful. Once I was out, I coated myself with this oil that my buddy Mungbean gave me last winter. The smell of it immediately took me back and I was flooded with waves of memories of that special and wonderfully unique time.

Such a camera cheeser

Critter has still been on the inside longer than she’s been on the outside. Hard to fathom that. Feel like it is going to take FOREVER before I get to meet Sprout on the outside. But tonight I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for the time Sprout and I will spend alone together before sharing with the rest of the universe.  The memories I have of Critter’s time on the inside are rather intense and personal…I look forward to devoting the same time and awareness to Sprout.

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