Humidity Sweat

A Run!

Well…a jog…but still.

Just a measly little 30 minutes through the Glades development. 83 degrees.

Looked like I did in pre-season field hockey practices.
Beet-red and blotchy-faced.

Sweat soaked my everything.
It was glorious!

I hate wearing pants – despise wearing pants. However, due to the extreme chub-rub from yesterday, I had to run in pants (at least they didn’t come all the way to the ground). They were black, they touched my skin, and made me want to puke – but they protected me from exasperating the chub-rub.

Then a couple hours at the pool.

Then a bike ride to the store and back.

Um…ribs for dinner…but they were tasty and I only ate fruits and veggies all day in anticipation.

Vacation is da bomb-diggity!

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