Tropical Vacation


Leap Day has come and gone…and it was celebrated…not quite in the manner that I had always hoped…but celebrated none-the-less.

Yesterday was a travel day. A long travel day. All travel days from Dubois, Wyoming are rather epic. I have always been able to balance the long travel days with speedy walk through the airports while laying over. Thought I’d be doing that this trip too….WRONG.

Critter never slept on the first flight. She was cranky-sleepy. Daddio had some work phone calls to make. I strapped Crit up in the ergo and we took off for a speedy stroll. She wasn’t really havin’ it. We walked by some rocking chairs, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Sadly, it worked. Instead of breaking a sweat and balancing the travel day, I sat on my ass and rocked. La-flippin-Madre thwarted once again.

50 kickin’ laps

So now we’re in sunny Florida. Today was a pool day – two times, morning and afternoon sessions. Plus a walk carrying Critter through the neighborhoods. Swimming laps in the pool will be my gig for the week. Only slight problemo in a wee little shoulder injury I sustained on Powder Day. Lots of kicking laps…hoping for more actual laps manana. Definitely sweated on the neighborhood stroll…and due to that, got myself a sweet case of chub-rub. awesome!

So, the activities are looking like they are going to happen while we are down here (as long as I can fix the chub rub problem).

The best part of tropical vacations is the fresh fruits and veggies though. Big fresh salad last night when we first arrived, tomato sandwich for lunch, fruits all afternoon and another fab salad for dinner.

Bountiful baskets has made living in Wyoming in the winter much better than I could ever have imagined…but it has nothing on the fresh produce of southern Florida.

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