One Step Closer to a Hot Tub

Unbelievable. We accomplished what I certainly thought was impossible today.
Where we started this morning
Today’s progress!

Daddio and I worked together on a project all day long. We did not have a single solitary argument. Things went relatively smoothly. I don’t even think I was ever frustrated or grumpy. We both messed a couple of things up – but we each fixed them, with each other’s consult.

Project Manager giving instruction

All the lumber for the entire project has been milled on our sweet ‘ol lumber mill. All the logs came from our work property. We had to chop ’em down because they were either infested with beetles, or already killed by them. The hot tub deck is the first of many projects we have planned for the sawmill.

Happily constructing

Our list is long and it sure takes forever and a day to check anything off of it. If every work day were like today, we’d be living in our dream palace. I am realistic enough to know that it won’t always be this way. But for today, I’ll take it…and chalk it up to the Luck of the Irish.

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