Went to the Big City

Departed in a flurry last Sunday after several hours of searching for my work wallet. Never surfaced. Had to take Daddio’s cause I was off to do a bunch of spending in the Big City. And boy…did I!

Got an iPhone. A real honest-to-god iPhone.  I’m still not quite certain how to actually operate the device – but I can take and send photos, which is a major reason I wanted it!

Went to Ikea – twice. First time to recon and check it all out. Then I went back between meetings to make the big purchase. Got a cabinety sort of thing that can store our work stuff out of Critter’s reach. I don’t love it – but I can live with it. And it is most assuredly safer than what we were working with. Got two storage ottomans too. So that I could replace the monstrosity of a coffee table that never belonged in a room this size, but came with the house, so we have used it. I have hated it every day and could not wait to replace it! It is a fine piece of furniture – it just did not belong in out living room/office/kitchen.

Stocked up on soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and groceries…nothing like travelling 8 hours to purchase your staples.

I was feeling rather proud of all the purchases as they have all been in the works for a while…but the new 8X10 rug was still alluding me. Not for lack of trying. i went everywhere and looked at a bazillion rugs – none really worked though (in my price range). Daddio gave me a limited budget – what remained of our tax return after purchasing an infrared heater for Critter’s room and some other in sundry items for the heat of the house. i left Colorado without the rug. I decided I’d make one last ditch effort in Casper since I was driving through.

Perhaps it was impulse. Perhaps I felt pressure. Perhaps it was just a moment of absurdness after being in the car for 7 hours, but I bought a rug. I never should have. I hate it. I didn’t love it when I got it, I just hoped it would grow on me. It has not. Intense buyer’s remorse. I may drive back to Casper and return it next weekend. I just can’t take it. Daddio thinks I’m ludicrous. Perhaps. But it is a big part of my daily living. I spend the majority of my waking hours in this room with this hideous rug. I realize that driving 6 hours round-trip to return it blows the budget for the rug out of the water. I make mistakes – some are costly. gulp.

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