Dodging Asteroids

One thing I know for certain is that I am a lucky duck.

There is not a day that comes, that I don’t reflect on my great fortune.  I endeavor to live each day as if I deserve that luck. When Critter laughs and smiles all day long, it is difficult to comprehend how she landed in my universe and I’m not sure I can ever truly act the part of “deserving”. Perhaps it’s the IRISH – i just know that I’m a fortunate fool…and grateful for it.

Little Lucky Charm

That doesn’t mean that I don’t get thrown roadblocks and obstacles. Cause I get my fair share and right now I feel like I’m battling several and they are coming at my like asteroids.

I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get in a full day’s work. I wouldn’t consider it that big a deal if summer weren’t peeking around the corner and I didn’t feel so far behind that where I should be appears as a small dot on the horizon.  I know that I’ve acknowledged that I cannot keep this up forever…but I am surely committed to giving it my all for this last season.

I’ve been in work funks before…and I typically can implement a few strategies and pull myself out of it rather quickly. This is no funk…it is truly a matter of not enough hours in a day when Critter naps. At this particular juncture, every moment that she is awake requires due diligence.  Oh how I wish we lived closer to family right about now! My normal me would just decide to wake up a few hours earlier in the day and knock a couple of things out while enjoying the sunrise. My pregnant me cannot. I value every moment of sleep that I currently get and do not feel like I can afford (for my sake, for Sprout’s, for Daddio’s, and for Critter’s) to lose a single tick-tock. ASTEROID NUMBER ONE

I cannot say that I’ve recently been on a fitness kick. My entire existence has been a fitness kick for the past 20 years. I can say that lately, as soon as I get my motor going, I blow a spark plug (or some other car analogy that I don’t quite know how to use properly).

I started that push-up quest to blow Michelle Obama out of the water, and then suffered a shoulder injury that very weekend while snowboarding. I thought if I iced it and rested it, it’d be back to normal in no time. It has been close to a month, and I just lowered into chataranga dandasana for the first time last week – and it hurt, so I’m back to just planking. Thwarted. It was my mission for March and I failed. ASTEROID NUMBER TWO.

I was lucky to have a rather fit and active first pregnancy – but it was definitely at a MODERATE level. I read all the books and I thought that is what you had to do. I walked everyday – uphills when I could, and i had a daily yoga practice…but I hardly broke a sweat after the 5th month. I learned that does not work for me. In order to perform at my optimal level, I require DAILY VIGOROUS ACTIVITY. I know that to be a personal truth. I was determined to abide by that this pregnancy – and I have done a commendable job…but it has been at a price…that I may no longer be able to ignore.

This winter, cross country skiing and snowshoeing up mountains was simply fabulous! Loved every frigid moment of it. Plus Critter often came along which made it even incredibler! Started running again earlier this month in Florida. LOVED IT! Been taking long bike rides every weekend and a couple of town trip during the week…makes me so happy to be on a bike. Been walking with Critter in the Ergo whenever we go anywhere…love that too. But it always seems to hurt a bit, and it continues to worsen.  Today is intense enough to make me admit it aloud.

The wonderful places my bike and I have gone in March
Leaving the badlands behind
Looking into Jakey’s Fork Canyon
Storm a ‘comin!

I don’t remember ever seeing a photograph of a roadrunner (aside from the cartoon version). Several years ago, I was driving through New Mexico and this crazy looking bird went scuttering across the road in front of me. I instantly knew it was a roadrunner although I had no prior experience or schema to draw from. I have never had a hernia, but I’m quite certain that it would feel an awful lot like this if I had. No way of knowing for sure…but I’m rather skeptical. I have been calling it something else or wishing it away since July, but it does not seem to obey the commands of my will. ASTEROID NUMBER THREE

I wholeheartedly believe in listening to your body. The problem I’m having is that my body is screaming VIGOROUS ACTIVITY, and this one little point-specific spot has been whispering whoooaaa. The screaming has not subsided a bit, but the whisper is growing louder and louder. I will continue to listen closely, and not let one crush the other.

As it always seems to boil down to – FINDING THE BALANCE.

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