Easter Feaster

 I have grown to love Easter.

 I must admit to not enjoying it much in my childhood. Mostly because of the dress. I HATED having to wear an Easter dress. If the dresses were cool, it was one thing (like in 5th grade I got to pick one out and i didn’t hate it that much), but mostly I had to wear what my mom told me to and it made my insides queasy all day. I despised the family photos taken inside the door at Nanny’s house because I knew I’d be going down in the history books wearing a ridiculous costume that I wanted nothing to do with.

And I cannot stand pastel. I think it is the absolute worst of all color hues…I cannot think of one thing that i think looks nice in pastel. It was one secret fear I had when I first learned that I was pregnant. “Oh No! People are going to send us pastel!!!!”

I am a vibrant color loving, only-wear-a-dress-if-you-think-it-is-cool kinda girl. So it took me a long time to grow into Easter.

Yesterday we (Team Neidens) hosted our 3rd Annual Easter Feaster. It was off-the-hook fabulous.

I prepared my first ham. I don’t think I’ve ever even touched a raw hunk of ham before. I sliced up a pineapple and stuck them on there and pushed cloves into the gross ham flesh (I don’t particularly care for ham). Made a broccoli salad and a carrot cake. The entire time I was preparing food it was with a huge grin on my face. I LOVE that I have a life that involves celebrating holidays with family, friends, food, and fun. Living so far from both of our families requires both a commitment to that and friends who double as family. There were 22 of us yesterday (reminder that we have a tiny less-than-1,000-square-foot cabin).


The Egg Decorating Competition was catapulted to a whole new level. The first prize winner had a diorama of the frontier with a herd of 10 buffalo being hunted by a painted indian riding a war horse…and there were peep jackrabbits standing watch.

Daddio’s Turkey, with the Hargrave Hunter
Blue Ribbon Buffalo Herd
Angry Birds
Lady Gaga
Just a bunny

Delicious food of all sorts was set on the counter…ham, lasagna, wild-game meatloaf, braided bread, jalapeno poppers, wontons, hummus, salads, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes,  cheesecake, carrot cake, pecan pie, brownies, chocolate chip cookies….beers, wine, gin, bourbon…

Waiting while last year’s champion hid all the eggs

The Hunt was the best ever. Over 50 eggs were placed throughout the property (and 15 mini bottles of liquor). The champion was crowned with a 9 egg booty…and 4 liquor bottles.

The Hunt

Before the festivities began, Daddio and I each got in our activities for the day. Daddio went for a hike with his buddy in the morning, and I got to go for a stroll with my buddy in the afternoon.

Running the Squiggles

As we stated in our wedding vows, the ingredients for a perfect day: fresh-air activity that is challenging, food that is delicious and nutritious, dogs at our side, visit with our friends and family. 

Simple stuff.

Perfect day.

Just enjoying the view

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