Sayonara Hot Tub


It has been settled. I lost the hot tub.

I’m mostly okay with it…but not 100%.

After careful consideration, it was decided that it is impractical to quit you job with no certain source of new income, and have a hot tub too. I only wish this conclusion was reached about two years ago.

The ‘Ol Bon Fire Pit

Cause 2 years ago, i had a lovely little hillside fire pit.  Perfect little area dug out with benches all around and surrounded by rocks collected from all over. Spent many more than many a night out there fireside. with our friends, with each other, alone, with Blu-the-Imposter horse. Many a late night. Many a Select-A-Slab meat parties. It got a lot of use, and I simply loved it. i had great plans to expand it and make it even better.

Then the hot tub came. it seemed like the only place to put it that would have a modicum of privacy, was right where the fire pit was. So I started digging. Dug out the whole hillside by hand with a shovel and a pick. Did it in the first few weeks I knew I was pregnant with Critter. Then little by little, we began building the 3-walled deck for the hot tub to perch upon.

Ultra-Violet gettin’ her dig on

And now the deck is turning into something completely different. Necessary, but different. And if we had planned it sooner, it could have been extraordinary, but now it will always be the structure truly intended to be a hot tub deck.

It is turning into a guest bedroom (in reality, it will be turning into a bedroom for Daddio and me when guests come, ’cause who will really sleep out there besides us) and a yoga studio. It is a small space – but I think it will work just fine. I’ve been practicing yoga in the sunshine back there for a few weeks now. We will ultimately add a front wall full of windows, insulate the walls, and add a roof (also full or windows). Problem will be the floor – no way to really insulate that. May add a little outlet to plug in an electric heater and a lamp too. The only things in there will be the futon and a lamp.

I have always wanted a yoga/painting space. I have had the plans crafted in my head for quite a while. This is not what I planned – but it will work for the yoga space – and it will be perfect once it is complete. I’ll have to wait for the painting space (which is no big deal cause i was waiting anyway).

I reckon I’ll be able to go out there to read and write too. I reckon if I do manage to get some clients in the next year, I can use that space for phone calls and Skype calls as well.

No more fire pit…sigh

When I whined about how DESPERATE i am for a tub, Daddio assured me that with the money we’d save by not running the hot tub, we could get an actual tub inside the house! His delivery of the proposal came at the right time. Uncle Jeffro had just sent some video of Daisy and Colt playing together in the tub and I had been thinking about Critter and Sprout would be robbed of that critical part of sibling development (not to mention Critter is already beginning to outgrow the kitchen sink).

So, adios hot tub.
Why hello sweet action yoga-chill-clutter free-La Madre space!

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