Game On…and Off

Although it has been snowing all day yesterday and today, summer is officially here. Our staff have arrived – the first round of them at least.

I normally love it. Love spreading the passion that I have for the kids we serve and the program we run. It is extraordinary. Incredible. Fantastic. Perfecto!….and I do still love that. But this week has also validated my decision to make this my last go of it.

Arrived at the ranch at 6:30am yesterday to prepare the first “Welcome to EVR Breakfast” for the incoming staff. Arrived back home at 8:30pm last night. Critter never had any legitimate time with either me or Daddio all day. She never had a real meal. I wore her on my back while we ate (because it was FREEZING cold) and Daddio shoved bananas in her mouth. I squeezed some sort of pureed food into her mouth twice. I moved her from backpack to walker-thing, to car seat, to pack-n-play, back to backpack. She had very little crawl about time. We were both so busy and occupied doing what we do, that she was an afterthought, or more a hinderence.

And that’s not fair. Not to her. It affected my day and my performance. Nanny Nell arrives in a week – when there will be 37 staff here (there are only 11 right now). Critter will have such a fantastic time! I think we’ll be able to sort it all out and develop a system that will work for the actual summer, just this staff training that will be the biggest bugger.

So…for all 4 of this blog’s followers, I must excuse myself for a while. My “plate is full” as they say, and I’m gonna have to lay off this for a wee bit.  I can tell from the amount of feedback and comments I get on a daily basis, that this will be heartbreaking for many of you. Stay strong. Keep your chin up. La Madre shall return in due time.

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