Just Four Little Squares

We’ve had an ongoing conflict here for a couple of months now. I reckon it never came up any sooner because i was never pregnant for two years straight before.

Here it is:

 – Daddio thinks I use too much toilet paper. He says I’ve been going through it too quickly. In fact, he has stashed his own supply in a secret location just to prove to me how quickly I use it up.
 It has certainly made me more conscious of it. For the past two months, I have been carefully checking the square count of each pull. It is consistently four. I don’t believe that four is too many squares! Perhaps i’m off. i’ve never really discussed it with anyone else to see what is typically use. I know for shizzle that Uncle Jeffro at least quadruples that amount each use!!! What is normal? What is reasonable?

It’s just that i go to the bathroom three times an hour all day long and another three times while i’m in bed! and i’ve been going at this pace for entirely too long now! Daddio contends that i pee all the time outside without tp, so i should just live like that inside. I contend that it is a small luxury to partially compensate for the misery of incubating humans inside myself.

I appreciate that Daddio is concerned with both our environment and our bank account. We strive to live with minimal impact on both. We are not wasters. We can hardly be considered consumers really. However, there are exceptions to that. I’ve always thought that my biggest environmentally unsound guilty pleasure was taking long hot showers. I guess i have to add tp overusage to that now too….

Although, I cannot imagine the  four squares is really that absurd!

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