Before the Bowl Games End

Game On, I reckon. 
La Madre is re-emerging. 
At first, I thought I’d write “making a comeback”‘ but it’s not a comeback, she’s been dwelling about quite happily all along. Just taking an extraordinary amount of time to simply live, which slurped up all the time for formal reflection and writing.
I keep putting it off. “After the holidays” I say as I pour another rich dark beer into a frosty mug.
She won’t let me get away with it. 
She says “Do it now. Start today. Putting it off is a pansy thing to do.”
La Madre has had 15 months of practicing her life with her two wee peeps – now she’s ready to play.
Game on.

And so I offer my first post back, with a toast to my scrumptious Sessions Black Ale! 
The holidays are not over yet.

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