2014: Come an’ Get It!

It is slowly beginning to take a life.

the race.
it is part of my everyday now.
and this is what i’ve got.
i move many logs

i have 9 remaining sun salutations to knock out before the day is done.

sweet…they are each like a little mini-massage

Crit and I rode thegreenbike to town today.
it may have been a tad more brutal than i gave it credit for.
Betty wanted to stop at Margo’s to “warm up a little bit”.
We hung out with the moose and had a snack in the back room before heading on to visit babyPiper.
I assured Betty that the woodstove would be cranking at babyPiper’s house.
She has been telling people all day that her cheeks were stinging.
There were gusts that blew us off course, into the grass on the shoulder of the road.
We had Daddio scoop us up in town, cause those gusts are a bit more lethal heading east.
Dream Your Life.
Live Your Dream.
My dream life now has me training – for 2 years.
Like Rocky in the mountains…i will do what i can with what i’ve got.

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