19 sun salutations

I’m recommitting.
To 19 sun salutations a day.
starting tomorrow. no…really.

We had 70 mph wind gust this morning.
i rode my bike this afternoon.
on occasion or so, i have tapped in to an odd emotional state as a result of intense hip focus.

it happened today.
i was choking up as i was warming down.
about a childhood friend – that i haven’t seen in 20 years…

what in tarnation?!?!?

I have come to accept that i cannot grow in grace until i develop competence in being “sweet to myself”.
 (I reckon the first step may be not rolling my eyes every time i think about “being sweet to myself”)

My practice for now is: VULNERABILITY.

My first task is to understand why it is suddenly the thing-to-be.

The wind made me vulnerable today though, i think. hard to know for certain without ever giving this thought before…

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