What is.

It seems to have grown incredibly easy for me to focus on what i’m not doing, or the things that are not being accomplished.  Most likely the intensity in which i focus on what lacks, is directly proportional to the frequency and decible of the squwacking that occus during all waking hours. Some days, i am too eager for naptime.

The past couple of days have not been that way. It occured to me today while Crit and i were painting cards.

It was good time. Marvelously good time.


We chatted. She explained to me why she was quiet at Joe’s birthday party last night (Joe is special, she whispered).

She asked questions: “Does Mooch like green with his blue card? Would Deb-ul like a pink snowman? Will Copper and Lotti be at the Superbowl Party tomorrow? What should we have for dinner? You think there is still cake left from Joe’s party?”

She sang her made up songs.

She mixed colors, she kept colors separated.

She focused, she was intentional, and she was fun to hang out with.


So, today, I’m not out for a backcountry snowboard run, or a x-country ski, or a bike ride, or a hike…all things i wished for this morning when the image of SATURDAY was still tucked under the cold morning, dark sky, blankets.

I’m chillin. With my peeps.


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