No groundhogs in Wyoming

Monthly challenges have been my thing since Charleston…so going on 18 years now.

This month is running at least a mile every day.

I have not been running since I returned from my east coast tour in November.

I can substitute if need be.

i ran saturday…it felt quite good i must say. and i ran today…also quite nice.

but yesterday I did not run. I skiied. For hours. On a x-country trail that may have had no other traffic yet this season. Up up up…and then a wee little bit of giddy floating-in-the-powder down. it felt INCREDIBLE. it was marvelously fun while it was taking place. it was particularly fabulous to earn a couple of superbowl beers (now that January is over).

20140203-211202.jpg 20140203-211212.jpg 20140203-211152.jpg

I was exhausted last night and slept the kind of soundly i can barely remember ever have before…

and today i skiied with Crit. “just the gurls” as she likes to say to Dad-o and Deb-ul. After a while of her practicing, she hopped in the backpack and we scooted on down the trail.



We have several more months of winter. I sure hope there are more training days like both yesterday and today. ‘Cause that’s not training…that’s just regular old life.

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