Play is my forte.

Today, a friend admitted that “play was not her forte”.

I never gave it thought before, but recognized today, that play is absolutely my forte.

In fact, it is my daily drive…

I seem to always be struggling with the conflict between what i do for fresh-air-fitness, and what a work-out is or what training-for-something should look like. Today was the first time that i was able to identify that i’m just playing…on purpose.

i do not make a training plan, i follow no schedule, but i surely recreate. and 7 out of 10 times that i go out, i find a way to challenge myself so that i’m growing and strengthening through my outdoor pursuits. the other 3 times i’m simply enjoying the time and place and moment, and am not concerned with where it will take me.

i can make a game out of anything – a honorable side effect of living in a family of six…and an important asset as a camp director!

i have often been tagged and titled as “fun-loving”…but today that set in with me more deeply.

Of course – because PLAY is my forte!

So far in 2014:

I’ve played on x-country skis alone

I’ve played on x-country skis with others

I’ve played on snowshoes at the tops of 11,000 ft mountains

I’ve played on my snowboarded at a resort

i’ve played on my snowboarded in the backcountry

i’ve played on my bikes alone

i’ve played on my bikes with Crit and Squawk

I’ve run to Shank’s to play Jeopardy!, and played on the inversion table and stretched while I was there.

i play countless games with the wee peeps

i play with dialougue and banter with my friends

i’ve played poker

i’ve played with paints

i’ve played with wonderboard and slate tile

i’ve played with logs

i’ve played with my wee peeps

i’ve played with food…and drink

golly, it seems to be all i do…or at the very least, the premise of what i do.

That was profound today…Thanks Canne for opening my awareness. It puts some things into new perspective for me.


i heart play.

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