We are In Florida.
You sweat here.
What a sensation!

Today I ran toward the beach. I thought my sister was right behind me and would scoop me up long before I reached the sandy shore.
She did not.
I ended up heel-toeing it.
All. The. Way.
Haven’t run 5 miles since last May.
Sweat was leaking off my brow and into my eyes.
My arms were chaffing and incredibly raw.
When I finally got to the beach, I ripped off my soaked sports bra (I still have to wear two) and my socks and shoes and walked directly into the water. It was certainly chilly…and delightful.
Been YEARS since I had the chance to run and jump into the ocean.

By the time Schmull finally arrived, I was drying in the sunshine and all that remained on my skin and my hair was salt. The salt from the ocean mixed with the salt from my sweat. I was sticky. And I loved it.

When I lived in charleston (and Columbia) I loathed the sticky and the constant sweat. I complained often about having to shower multiple times per day. Some days, the only activity I could muster was a round of frisbee golf.

And then I moved out west. Where moisture is absent. Completely absent.

I work hard when I ski and snowshoe up mountains, but there is little evidence at the time. It is not until I return to the car that I am aware that I have perspired at all. And then I shiver from the parking area until I stand under a hot shower 45 minutes later.

Cold and dry. Hot and wet.
Love em both…love it the most that I get both this month?


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