I’ve never had a five-year plan. It is rare for me to have a Thursday plan on a Tuesday. I have never steered myself in any particular direction, hoping to reach any particular destination. I did not choose a major in college because i hoped to pursue a career in that field – i just thought it would be interesting stuff to learn that i could benefit from throughout my life. i never longed to be anyone’s wife. i never had that burning desire to raise children that some women speak of.

i have had faith. faith that if i participate in the goodness of the cosmos, then my path will unfold as it is intended. faith that love is the most important thing, faith that what i invest in daily, matters. faith that i can handle it. faith that we’re all connected. faith that i’ll always be where i belong. faith that experiences are all you really have.

we are moving.


what?!?! Further than this wee little remote town of less than 1,000 people? Further than 2 hours from the nearest supermarket? Further than 4 hours to the nearest mall, and 8 hours to the nearest city?

yup. 12 miles further up a dirt road. to the mouth of the wilderness. to absolute isolation.

To morning coffees shared with moose, and wolves, and grizzly bears.

to winter access only by skis, or snowmobile.

It all fits. That cosmic highway lit up for me once again.

A few months ago, i made my first ever declaration – riding my bike 2,700+ miles along the Continental Divide in 2016. In the months since then i wonder how in tarnation i will ever be ready for that. I fired La Madre and brought Hardscrabble in. Hardscrabble is chomping at the bit to get me there…but feels rather cagey in this space.

11 paces X 6 paces. that is what we’ve been doing it in. that is the dimension of space that Dado and I have shared for 6 years. We’ve worked together in that space. We lived together in that space. We have welcomed two newborns to share that space with us (while working and living in that space). We have watched our wee peeps learn to roll over, crawl, and walk inside those 11 X 6 paces. I reckon we could continue to survive in this space, but i’m not certain we’d thrive.

and we don’t have to. cause the path illuminated at exactly the right time (it always does, doesn’t it?)

Hardscrabble is packing up all the rocks, and hauling them out to the even frontierier frontier.

as with much of the life i’ve been gifted, it’s a dream i’ve never dreamt.

Our first ski into the new place.

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