On Our Own

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Daddio is out of town again. Seems like he has been on-the-road quite a bit.
Flying “solo” with these two wee peeps is a trip.
No matter how I try to manipulate the schedule, they don’t nap. Ever. While daddio is outta Dodge.

If I know that no plan has ever shaken out according to expectation while daddio is away, then why in bloody hell would I attempt to make one?

As of bedtime last night, we were going to picnic at the park and “hike” to visit the chickens.

Due to the domino-of-circumstance, we did not.

I’m not throwing my hands up in defeat or exhaustion though. Despite the moments of suck, I’ve been enjoying the days.

I eat better when daddio is gone. I’ve had off-the-hook fabulous meals in the past three days. That helps.

We get fresh air each day, that helps too.

Buddyboy wakes up early each morning, and I get couch cuddle time with him for the first 40 minutes of my morning while we watch the sun come up together. Also helps.

Apples and oranges don’t come close to characterizing the differences between when daddo went outta town before two toddlers and after. It remains special time.

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