Settling In

oh, my.
I mean, for rizzle.

In the words of Crit: Can you BELIEVE it?!
Hers is typically preceded by “TaDa! Surprise!….can you BELIEVE it?
And most often I cannot. “I simply cannot believe it, Hardware Store.”

This place is dreamy.
Today was our first incredibly perfect weather to be outside day.
And a film crew came. Bright and early. And filmed in our house. And right inside the door. While Squawking Buffalo napped, and Crit and I tried to whisper when they said “Lights…camera…rolling”
They really say that…Can you BELIEVE it?

Each night when Deep Woods (FKA Dad-o…he declared that would be his title once me made the move) returns from work, we’ve been bundling up and exploring in every direction. It’s been the kind of time that is indelible.

The sights, the sounds, the smells, the emotions, the growth…all branding themselves right in the gray matter.

Also noteworthy: Mother’s Day has put in a strong bid to overtake Halloween as a favorite holiday. And Deep Woods is great at celebrating it with appropriate decorum. In addition to whack-a-moling the wee peeps all day (so that I could clean the lodge), I was also presented with a terrific note of encouragement about the race (2 years from now) and a reflective raincoat for my rides. Can you BEliEVE it? It made the 33 degree, overcast, wet day, a bit more delightful.

Today, during the filming, we took the chariot out for the first time out here. We rode out to the bear tracks past the cattle guard, got out, and turned around. They were soaked. There was a chunk of ice in their seat this morning…I knew that. we had to do it. we went anyway


Perhaps it is due to Crit’s inability to either sleep, or remain chill while awake, during the full moon….but they both took a nap today. At the same time. Can you BELIEVE it?

I took a wee moment to do this:


Things are certainly coming together out here…

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