homesteading haircuts

crit storm

Crit and I had a “salon day”. It went like this:

“Hey Hardware Store, you want to get a hair cut today during Squawking Buffalo’s nap?”

Crit: I do, mom-o. You too?

“Yeah, I reckon I oughta”.

I’ve been craving a legitimate haircut lately. The kind with the warm water and the head scrubbing and the tingly scalp and the smell of the chemicals…

it’s been a while. Since before Devlin was born actually.  in October, i had my dreads brushed out. far from luxury treatment for my cranium. it was feeling like i could really use one anyway. i’ve had all this chia pet undergrowth from all the hair that was ripped out.

knew it wasn’t a real practical thought though. truly not justifiable use of time or resources right now. Hardscrabble cuts her own hair. and digs it – no matter how it turns out. its fine. its the frontier for crying outloud. who cares? that moose that scared the daylights out of you this morning on your little jaunt?

so  i cut Crit’s hair. best i could.

and then mine. best i could.

and i let it go.

Hardscrabble needs to start chalking up some victories. check. homesteading haircuts.

and then this happened too:

“How you diggin your haircut, Hardware Store?”

Crit: Mine’s a little messed up a little bit.

“Okay, no sweat. we’ll re-asses tomorrow and implement plan B.”

Crit: Oh, go to Jenny? You and me will go to Jenny to fix it? We’ll sit there and have a loli-pop with a heart, and Jenny will fix it. Why wouldn’t we, Mom-o?

oftentimes, i don’t respond…

she has also taken to wanting to walk or ride bikes to “eat at Paya. just the girls. the boys stay at home.”

so we rode the “green  bike” into town on Saturday. it was an incredible hour.basically riding on my handlebars, 12 miles down the dirt road, with the sun shining, and the wind blowing – she was on a ROLL! she doesn’t seem too keen on the virtues of silence yet. if she is awake, she is turbo-charged. i get it.

she astounds me. she groks.





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