the excruciating pace of vacation

The birthday-bike race weekend in Idaho was the raddest time Team Neidens has ever spent on a camping trip. Vacation.
Wedding weekend was a blast (aren’t they all). Vacation.
The in-depth visit with a friend since the sixth grade managed to freshen up the air out here – and this is some rather fresh air. Vacation.
Then came Kansas. A committed family elk hunt and wilderness retreat. Vacation again!

In the middle of all that greatness, was an awful period of feeling in dis-ease.
Congested, coughy, fatigued, not terribly healthy.
And there was only one bike ride…and an occasional uphill hike…and many beers. Many beers.

I have begun being deliberate about transitioning out of vacation.
I’ve been getting lots of rest (although the peeps are up in the 5’s or early 6’s most mornings – it’s been great to learn the autumn sunrise out here).
I’ve been eating well.
I’ve slowed down the beers.
I’ve completed my first ever pull-up.

It’s legit.
I can do a pull-up.
Major milestone at 38.

October 5th begins my first 100 hours of yoga teacher training. Perfect timing! Detox vacation!

And I’m staying with Mungbean, and I’m psyched! It’s been 15 years since our first fall in Wyoming. Looking forward to having my roomie back.

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