i did.

I was pregnant for what seemed like eternity. I “recovered” from the c-sections at the pace of effing-s-l-o-w. I always wanted to be in a different shape than I was…but I felt misshapen for an awful long time.
And s…l…o…w…l…y…. It began to happen.
through patience
through acceptance
through commitment
through bike rides
through beers

I never rode my bike more than 20 miles this summer…and that was only twice. I allocated my resources best I could with family happiness as a primary outcome.
I rode the kids in to town. One on the handlebars, the other in the trailer. I have no photos cause it is just me. And there is no real way to not ruin the wilderness of that while taking a self-timed “selfie” with the wee peeps. So I just don’t bother with forcing it. Experiencing it is swell enough.
And someone smart told me that there is no sense in blogging without good photos….and I rarely have the disposition to stop life for a selfie, so I use that as my excuse for non-blogging. Which is the same as not-writing. Which is the same as weird.
So, occasionally I try to hop back on track. And this weekend is the wedding of a couple nearest and dearest to us. And I speak as “a witness and devoured supporter”. And I’m honored to do so…but not yet prepared.

And our other dear friend is not incredibly well. And there seems little to do but to love. And the honesty of that is difficult to swallow.

The Bike Race was perfect. Exactly the perfect entry for Hardscrabble (perhaps “Bottom Bracket” on the circuit) into a new world. Deep Woods was a perfect partner and supporter and truly believes that I could “crush it” if I had some training. And that’s rather cool to be believed in like that.

And so it is on. Canada to Mexico 2016.





One thought on “i did.

  1. you can totally write a story without having a picture…you just paint a picture with your words! Which I for one, appreciate the grace with which you do that


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