nailed it

During “Quiet Time”, on Christmas, Deep Woods and I were sitting in the hot tub together. A PBR, an IPA, snowflakes melting into our laps, and two weeps peeps watching from the glass door. (who follows through with quiet-time on a holiday?)

I mentioned that i had been thinking about a conversation we had years ago.

He replied “Me too. From before we were even engaged?”

“Yes. From before EVEN then…probably. i can’t be sure. but you were there, and it was in the cabin, and…”

“We were talking about our dream lives?”

“That’s the very one.”

“I think about that too.” For a fella who self-proclaimed that he is not a thinker, he has thought about most things i mention. Maybe he should self-proclaim to be not-a-mentioner, not not-a-thinker.

and i carry-on…like:

and that’s it? we talk about it once with each other. we offer it out to the universe ONCE, years ago, and BLAMMO – we get it? how is it even possible that we are in this moment today?

and i reckon its rhetorical. because we knew. he told me he was the luckiest guy he knew. i assured him the same of myself. i get lucky ALL.THE.TIME! and we knew that combining our powers of fortune could have extraordinary results.

i love living here. it is absolutely where i belong right now.

if this is the phase of life consumed with daily poop and tantrums…well then, it sure is pleasant to be swallowed up by the divinity of the landscape out every window.

skiing out the door and back is fabulous. skiing with Crit is fabulous. skiing with both of them in the chariot is fabulous. our failed family ski on Christmas was fabulous.

i simply love having my own room too. my own space that i use daily. i have been creating. and studying. and practicing. and writing. and researching. and reflecting.

and when i’m neither outside, nor in my room, i am with Crit and Squawk. and i feel fortunate. i enjoy spending time each day nourishing them. i’d prefer not to clean up after them so much…but we are getting a hold on that…

this is it. my dream life. in the remote wilderness. with my most loved people. living simply. creating. learning. growing.IMG_0373

2 thoughts on “nailed it

  1. I seem to always be the one with the IPA!…except those rare sunshiney days after a good run or ski or bike ride…then I might be the one with the PBR….unless an IPA is available…


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