ode to cousins

christenings… communions… In the name of the father, the son, the holy cousin… the cousin who knew you when…. you were scott, you were fat, you were bossy, you were weird… Hall0wed be thy name:…Zazerra’s, Newberry’s, Carawana, Cal Ideas, Top Dog, Zach’s, Izod, Eynon, Candy Kitchen, Madeline’s, Pepsi Shop, The Grove,  Crystal Lake, Lake Winola, Newton Lake, Smedley, Darte Ave., Lincoln and Laurel Streets, Potter Street, Chestnut- Ash, the Globe, the Giant, Pizza Hut, Russell’s, Artisan Well, Sal’s… Thy will be done: Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Wyoming, Washington… Lead us not into temptation: the laundry closet at 38 Darte, Bethany Beach, Pike County, the Doors, Lake Winola in high school, New Year’s, the bathrooms, the basements, the fields, the fires… Deliver us from evil: Keeley, Finn, Emmet, Gavin, Ellie, Daisy, Colt, Merrel, Nora, William, Betty, Devlin, Joseph, Thomas, Elyse, Gracie, Sadie, Lia, Jack, Maddie, Grady, Quinn…gramandgramp…nannyandpapa


i wrote that last winter. and just let it sit.

and then i went “home” in July…although i was never farther north than Baltimore.

everysingleday was spent with aunts, uncles, and cousins. everysingleoneofthem! and it was never lost on me. not for asinglemoment.

every time our worlds collide, i am filled with a joy i receive no where else. and it is enough. it is enough to loveandbeloved. and to commit to checking in. as often as it is possible.

gobbling up the chips and dip, and sitting around the late night table…

letting loose and letting love.

my stoic self cracked at the soundsandsights of “Happy Birthday”. my great fortune overwhelmed me.

If loveisallthereis…then i reckon it’s enough

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