Madre Solomente

Mungbean travelled to foreign lands several years ago. Her sagely-wisdom was clearly refined from the experience. One of the jewels she returned with was:
“To know and not do, is to not know.”

I razza-ma-frazzama curse her often for ever telling me such a thing. That phrase catches me red-handed in my Truth every time I turn a corner.

I must be the strongest I’ve ever been in a few short months.
All day long, each and everyday, we are faced with a constant flushing stream of choices.

I don’t always choose the option that makes me stronger.
Often, I choose the cold beer.

Deep Woods set sail today. We will see him again for a day next week, two days the following, and then not again till March.

If you want to get stronger….if you want to train for an endurance event…one method may be to live on the edge of the wilderness as a single parent for an entire winter month.

To know and not do, is to not know.

I know my success will be largely determined by attitude. This month is dedicated to practicing keen awareness of attitude…and altering it along the course.
I know. I will do….better…



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