holy criminy


it’s happening.

in the ways i’ve heard mentioned. like when the entire universe conspires to help you achieve your personal legend.

riding a bike is not my personal legend.

growing stronger with each passing year, is.

i knew that tackling this race was going to require support unlike any i’ve needed before. i was petrified to ask for it. it’s why although the race has been pencilled on the calendar for years…i am only now asking.

FEAR. It freezes me in my tracks everytime. occassionally, i throw up my hands and about face.

not an option this time. i must keep moving forward. absolutely must. and being afraid to ask simply could not be the reason to jump ship now.

so i did. i painted. i crafted. i got “certified”. i practiced. i prepared.

then i let out a slow exhale, and i asked…

and holy shit. it’s working.

people are showing up.

yoga classes are filling up. SPIN classes are full with waiting lists. orders are coming in. friends are coming out (to watch the peeps while i skied and brought dinner!). checks are showing up in the mail. people are checking in.

and it is making all the difference. i FEEL supported. my confidence grows with each word of affirmation and with each pat on the back.

i am SCARED SCARED SCARED at the thought of hosting an Art Show/fundraiser here in town. but i know i must. and today i finally got my cogs to turn to begin designing what that might look like.

i cannot waste any time not believing or denying that the universe is on my side. instead, i am gratefully embracing.

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my January training partners


3 thoughts on “holy criminy

  1. Roll with it baby……insert music….that is what I sing……when I’m about to lose it!

    Keep dreaming! Jason


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