everyday means something.

i’m attempting to focus more effort here. my awareness shouts to me that when i zero in on relaxing the intensity of my efforts, this is the first to go. and let go i do.

but people have been asking. and wondering. and i am making effort to honor that. and other things too.

the internet stirs up anxiety that i do not typically succumb to.

i get it but i dont.

i dont like to be ignorant. but i do.

i cant pour my brain into that any more than i can finances, or the economy, or synthetic food, or any other bullshit we just made up. because i cannot tangibly tie it to anything, i cannot grasp it.

i can’t fathom my world with a constant hope for “likes” anymore than i can fathom ever using the eyelash curler that i’ve had since middle school and used a total of six times in my life. yet it stays with me, as i approach 40, as a reminder of what i  am not.

how did i train today: initiated a new system.

There are 60 straws in the Wonderwoman mug. 0 in Deep Wood’s new custom-coozie.

Little by little, by Being Cool and Being Kind, the straws move over to Daddo’s coozie…but they can jump back too.

That’s how i trained today.

and i went for a snowshoe stroll with Shank. up the Trapper Trail. and it was lovely. and it was the first fresh air exercise i’ve had in weeks (no worries…30 days straight coming up lickity-split!)

and i told the wee peeps that i was back in the practice of the default 19 sun salutations a day. so then i am.

and Bruddy comes this weekend! and that will be incredibly wonderful…

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