finally…the second half of February

it’s a wrap. all the hours we are going to see of Deep Woods for the month have come and gone…and i took complete advantage of as many as i could.

i spent the entire day yesterday locked in my room checking off boxes on my to do list. i did not get to them all, but i at least can see the surface of the water.

busy is not something  i’m often looking to be. i like to maintain a sustainable pace. i like transitions to flow with relative ease. although i proven competent at whack-a-mole, i’d rather balance on top of the mole until it recedes rather than whack it on its head.

so undertaking running a few small business while single-mothering from a plow truck at the edge of the wilderness for a month…was a lot to bite off.

inhale strength…exhale surrender

i put some flyers around town today. i keep moving forward, but it does not seem to be getting easier. now i just plastered my face around town (if hanging 3 flyers is synonymous with plastering) and i must sit back and wait to see what comes of it. thankfully, i’m pro at practicing patience right now.

Raffle Flyer

as awkward and weird as it feels…it also fits comfortably.

i have no expectation. i am not attached to any specific outcome. even with all the eyes now peeking in my direction.

and i’m giving things a whirl that have never seemed like a possibility for me. and it is in large part due to the encouragement and support i’ve received along the way.

just sending this info out to the universe helps in ways i was unaware. suddenly, the more and more people that know…the less isolated i already feel. and when the going gets tough, and i want to sink into gratitude to get me to the crest of some hill, there will be fresh “spring in my pedal stroke” as i’m fueled by the smiles that come from all  the people who have helped me to make  this happen.




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