Like a Boss.

Game changer.
I learned to sew…scratch that, I’m learning to sew.
And it is making all the difference.


I’ve been saying it out loud for years. And occasionally, someone pipes up and says they know how… They’d be happy to teach me… And yet I still continue to glue and iron on the shirts….and watch them peel off…I sent a disclosure out on the first shirt orders.

And I mentioned it again this week. As in, on Tuesday. And on Thursday, a sewing angel showed up at the doorstep. And she gave me the low down. Confidently and assuredly, she talked me through the deal. And most importantly, she shined some light on many of the possible stumbles, hiccups, and frustrational road blocks that i am likely to encounter.

So I’ve been practicing ever since. Whenever I can break-away for a milli-minute. Squirreling with the lengths and the widths. Effing things up left and right. But taking breaths and practicing patience.

It takes me back a bit to the days of learning to snowboard. It was awful. It was rough and tough and exhausting and frustrating.

One day I was with Mungbean, on a backcountry Glory run. I floundered my entire way to the parking lot, and I would not have classified it as a good time. And she told me, one day I would hate falling so much that I would stop falling. As if it were a choice. As if I had control.

What seems to always be the case with Mungbean and her nuggets…she was right.

As I practice with sewing, I remind myself with each error…someday, I’ll hate doing that so much, that I’ll simply stop. I’ll learn my lesson…I’ll learn…someday…

In the meantime, with the help of my sewing angel, who followed through at an admirable pace, I’m gonna crush this sewing business…like a boss!

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