Piggies Bubble Up

The Macaroni Piggies just cleared a hurdle that certainly seemed out-of-comprehendible-reach.

When Deep Woods was putting his schedule together, he called several times to confirm the amount of days we were committing to in February. Albeit, at the time, we thought we were going to join the fun on the first trip to California at the start of the month…but it did not shake out that way. and we practice non-attachment as often as we can, so we settled-in to life together in the frontier.

and we had sticker charts, and ice cream sundaes with Shank. and we had x-country ski days where Crit skiied the entire driveway on her own. we took Brud and Sarah to Deception. we stridered biked in the park. we plowed. we cooked. we ate mindfully. we passed on wheat and dairy…mostly…we went to bedearly, and wokeupevenearlier.

we moved straws from one mug to another coozie.

we made lists on the chalkboard…then allowed the chalkboard to be taken over…


we attempted to get a couple businesses up and running…but allowed the proper pace for single-mothering from paradise in the winter.

i began to instruct SPIN classes. what the eff is that?!!? i’m still bamboozled. but it’s proving to be cool. and difficult on a level or two. and that is what i’m after, i reckon. if i’m gonna peak at 62…i oughtta choose an upward trajectory whenever i can.

and a new crowd of folk came inside for gentle yoga this month. i really dug it, and hope it continues,but will remain grateful for what it just was, and provided, in this month of solitude.

Leap Day had held significance for me for as long as i can remember. I have endeavored to use it in the most superfluous manner that was accessible to me. and this year finds me more limited in superfluousness than ever before. and i acquiesce.

today Deep Woods returned from his travels. and we welcomed him with open arms and closed squeeze-your-guts-out-arms. and we made a fabulous feast for dinner. and it is Squawking  Buffalo’s 3.5 birthday…and he won’t have another till he is 7.5…and as soon as i truly let go of the burden of living life alone, as a mother of two, for an entire winter month in the wilderness of wyoming, i am certain that i will stand taller than ever before.

Lael Wilcox is out there crushing life on a bicycle with her boyfriend. and i respect the shit out of that.

and i’m out here crushing life on the edge with my husband and rad peeps. and i value the shit out of that too.

I can endure for 28 days.


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