next step

who gets to be this lucky?


i held my own self an art show. and i don’t even really know what that means. can’t think of a time ive attended an Art Show and paid any attention.

but there i went. i threw myself one. and people showed up. and i couldn’t be more grateful!


and virtual shower-uppers with your cyber-high-fives!

and the etsy shop shoppers

and the t-shirt dreamers

and the

of course, i must have believed in the reality of this in order to get the ball-rollin’.

and i knew i was going to have to rely on the love of others. and i was ready to give in to that. i did. and the cosmos, as it seems want to do with me, let its path shine.

Deep Woods continues to dive deeper and deeper into researching the lightweightest, most compressible, most affordable products on the market. which is more effort than i’d ever desire to put into any retail research. and i know i will be grateful when the winds are howling and the storms are swarming and i am warm and cozy and SLEEPING.

Art Show over.

now i start riding my bike.


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