Growing in the Dormant Season


In early November, Crit and Squawk and i were walking down to the barn. We started chatting about our goals for the winter. The snow had not yet begun to fall…in fact it would be an entire month later before our first real storm.

Crit said she wanted to ski down the hill behind the garage without falling down.

Devlin (i can’t keep calling him Squawk – he’s outgrown it) wanted to be able to walk up the Bacon-Bourbon hill pulling his sled all on his own.

I wanted to take a snowboard run on the hill behind the house.

When we caught up with Deep Woods, he said he hoped to find a set of moose sheds.

By New Year’s Eve, we had each checked off our winter goals. It was completely appropriate to set new goals for 2017.

Team Neidens is in major transition right now. i can say “I’m heading out. meet me outside when you’re ready”, and they will be out a couple minutes later with all the right stuff on…maybe they ask for help with their mittens.

it seems unreal. the process of getting the three of us ready for winter activity and out the door took up more time than often seemed worth it and typically made me sweat. and now, once we get outside…we can be within “ear-shot” of each other. which is the only chance i get to turn the volume down. the peeps have been playing in the snowbanks, and i have been skiing around and around. and digging.

i’ve wanted to make a decent snow fort for quite some time. and yesterday, i started digging. i dug this morning, and again this afternoon. i’ll dig again tomorrow too. it’s going to be spectacular. and impermanent. i am drawn to practicing impermanence.

we may never again have the chance to be in this much snow together. we have been outside for hours every day. beyond the sunset and again for the moonrise. we are taking advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime winter we are sharing together out here in paradise at-the-end-of-the-road.




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