Alone but not Lonely

A week ago, when the anticipation of these 2-weeks flying solo on the frontier was bubbling up, i constantly compared it to the bike ride as there seems to be countless similarities.

there is at least one distinction, however. although i rode alone most days, there was always a chance i’d run (ride) into someone every day. no matter how remote it got, there was a smiling face or a friendly conversation around many corners.

As Deep Woods was heading to surf in Costa Rica, and i was chaining-up to head home with our homies, i knew that there was NO CHANCE of seeing any other humans for the 3 days before we came back to town for school. NO CHANCE.

(i heart FaceTime)

Then last night, i got a visitor.

Out of the blue, out of the dark, a friend arrived with a few beers. We chilled and chatted for several hours. the surprise filled me up with gratitude.

and today, Team T-Rex arrives. Crit and Box “organized” their bedrooms and made a meal plan. we’re having a 2 or 3 night sleepover!

One week down. One to go.


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