Wear It Wednesday

One of the first Wear-it-Wednesdays…except it used to be at home…on Fridays…

Shortly after Christmas day, Crit and i tackled switching out the clothes in her dresser together. She’s quite good at choosing when it is time to let go of something, and if she’ll be handing it down to Quinn or to Piper. This time, however, she marked several items she NEVER wears to go back in to her dresser. I protested, and called to her attention that there is no sense keeping clothes in your dresser that you don’t wear. Without a skip of a beat, she said “You should just make up a day where i HAVE to wear those things that I never wear…like Wear it Wednesday”. Right. i should. even though you just did. girl is a solution-focused problem solver. it is among my favorite qualities of hers.

they both went off to school today in wear-it-wednesday clothes that they chose on their own. and since i rolled the dice and drove the Tundra all the way home last night, we had a few spare moments in the morning. we spent them working on our monkey bar goals. of course.

our slow drive through darktodawntoday revealed one lone fox and a dead coyote. We stopped and spent a few moments observing both. our drive home granted us a golden eagle that we gawked at for a few minutes.

Since i was in town at daybreak, i went to the gym shortly after 9. i had 1.5 hours of yoga to myself…plus the fella working out downstairs and blaring NPR and Grady Kirkpatrick’s morning music. it was delightful. i spent time practicing things that have fallen far outside my normal practice.

after yoga class, i scooped up Box and took him to lunch. We headed up the hill right after to ski together at Deception. the sunshine was blasting through the windows of the truck, melting us into peace. such peace, in fact, that Box fell asleep around Brook’s Lake. I’ve been a firm believer of letting sleeping children sleep, so we parked in the Deception parking lot. Box slept and i took a sunbath. when he finally woke, there was no time to ski before we had to get Crit. we headed back to town for a visit with Shank.

In the olden days, when we lived in Painted Hills, if i could get away from the house for only a small window, i often ran or rode my bike to Shank’s for a hang and a Jep. The run or ride, the hang, the visit with my buddy, and the stroke of my ego from Jeopardy met all the needs i had….and often a cold beer was involved…so ALL MY NEEDS. when we get the chance to squish a quick round of Jeopardy in these days, i’m happy as a clam. We got a full  episode and a first round in today before we had to leave to get Crit.

we arrived home after the sun had already set. Box got dressed in his turtle costume and we spent time with legos, with the map of the USA, the globe (trying to find DW in Costa Rica), and Crit read a book to Nanny on FaceTime while i got dinner ready. They had a bath and we read another book together. We sang a story-song and said goodnight.

Just one more day of the grind before we can retreat back to the Moose Willow for our 3-day weekend. The T-Rex tribe is coming Friday morning (so is the snow, i hear). We can’t wait…for either one.



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