Wee little break

DeepWoods returned home late Wednesday afternoon. He came in the door, and i went out. Armed with only my wallet and my journal. I started at Shanks for a Jeopardy! He joined me for dinner at the Bistro. I stayed after he left to write in my journal and drink a glass of wine. It was just the little breather i needed after 2 weeks of solo-madreing in  the wilderness, with the flu.

Preschool was cancelled for the week (all the homies had the flu), so Box and i were on our own Thursday. It was good for us.

Friday, Crit woke up in a horrible, terrible, no-good, mood. She did not go to school. and DW took the day off. It was a rare kinda day for us. No one did anything really. DW is fighting a cold of sorts, Box is still recovering, Crit relapsed…and i went out for a ski. a good long one. a friend came out, the sun was shining, and it was -14 degrees. despite the temps, it did not take long to work up a sweat trudging up the hills and over the open meadows. it was delightful. and necessary.

We were supposed to go to Targhee for a ski weekend. The wee peeps first try at downhill skiing…but the illnesses put a damper on that. Instead, we had 2 free days at our disposal. Both days, we loaded up our Yeti picnic purse, stashed it in the side by side with all our skis, and headed out for adventure. Crit skied like a champ both days, Box got it together on day 2. Both adventures lasted only a few hours…but a few incredibly worthy hours. On Saturday, i skied home from our adventure spot. On Sunday, it was DWs turn.

This morning was back to business as usual. Homies were out the door at 7:30am, and i just sat on the couch. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself – so i just sat. a moose walked by the front door. so i stared at him for a while. i tried to scroll through my newsfeed, but i couldn’t stay with it. too much. too awful. too mind blowing. Instead, i Facetimed with Schmull and her little ladies (they are 3 and 1). She commented on how she looks forward to the day she can just sit on the couch in silence. I commented on how fabulous it is to be home with your homies. We both agreed that although it is rough and exhausting, we are lucky ducks to have the chance to be home with our peeps. real lucky ducks.

Deep Woods leaves again on Friday morning. 11 days he’ll be gone. I don’t dread it. I have grown to enjoy the rhythm and the pace when i am on my own. It’s whelming…but not overwhelming.

i let go of any guilt i may have had this morning, just sitting on the couch in silence. i have four days to recharge and refuel. i will make the most of this week…

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