She Strikes Again

Hero of Horse Creek in the house! it seems to ALWAYS happen this way.

DW left for a 2-week trip to Belize on Friday. the peeps and i had plans to be skiing over at Targhee that day. A day of ski lessons was a Christmas gift and we finally had a weekend we could go.

the school nurse called Thursday afternoon. Crit had a wee little fever and was out-of-sorts, could i come get her? of course. what she actually had was a lovely parting gift from Buff. hand foot and mouth disease. sounds gross cause it just is. shut us down completely for the weekend. the only trips we took outside were the twice-a-day plow laps.

we watched a few movies, listened to a few books, painted a bunch, love lumped a bunch more. Crit declared each day that she would hug and kiss and smother William all over again even knowing what would come of it. it was kinda like the olden days…but better. the three of us Macaroni Piggies chilling together from sun up to sun down doing our best to be healthy and happy and to love and be loved. except now they need me so much less. and they whine and fight so much less. it was a nice.

except for the wind. that was not nice. in fact, the razzamafrazzama wind is designing yet another landscape across the road as i type.

Living in paradise certainly comes with its challenges. with a partner, it is manageable. without one, and alone with two homies – sick homies – it could be slightly overwhelming. but i’ve been practicing. and if i keep it whelming instead of overwhelming, then i get the chance to grow through it rather than get crushed by it.

Sunday’s winds were extraordinary. by the time we got home from our final plow lap of the day, i was almost certain that we would lose the road overnight. the problem was our truck was still parked in front of the house, and our Subaru was parked at our cabin in town. i needed to get them to Drifter Flats before the road blew in. i had a plan or two brewing by nightfall. which was about the time the wind settled down.

shortly after the kids went to bed, i saw headlights coming down the road. whoever it was got to the driveway, hung out for a while, then turned around. sweet!!! you could still get through the road! i went to bed confident that i’d have everything taken care of by the time i got the homies from school.

when we woke up on Monday morning, Crit was still not quite in school shape. My plans to save the day were blown to smithereens. i had to cancel yoga class and develop Plan B lickety split!

Crit spent several hours of her sick day with me in the plow truck. i battled the drifts with Olympic spirit. All the sections that were so narrow you could not open the doors, i smashed and smashed and smashed the snow until you could scoot right through. it took the entire morning, and the windshield wiper broke several times, and Crit was losing her patience by the end. but i did it.

and when it was time to pick Debul up in the afternoon, we did another plow lap to tidy up, and Shank met us at Drifter Flats. He took us to the Subaru, we scooped up Debul, and headed home. One vehicle at Drifter Flats. check.

and Crit went back to school this morning. it was only a single little degree when we left for town. i drove our truck outta here easy peasy. i was patting myself on the back the entire way to the corrals. After i dropped the peeps off at school, i waited for the sun to warm the morning up a bit, and i drove back out to Drifter Flats. I took the fat-tire bike out of the back of the truck and rode it the six miles home. alone on the snowy road just while the sun was still shining golden and the air was still crispy and the sky was blue blue. and i was smiley and happy and proud. both vehicles parked at Drifter Flats. check.



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