Winter Came

Te Pratiprasava Heya Sukshmaha

Its a yoga sutra i hold kinda dear.

I’ve heard it translated a couple of different-but-similar ways. i’ve boiled it down to two basic concepts as i’ve allowed it to sift in to my system.

  1. Just when you are ready to celebrate and congratulate yourself for your perceived achievement, is when you may begin to disintegrate, and it all seems to come apart.
  2. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

In Sanskrit, it is a reminder to always maintain the ego of a beginner.

To bow in great deference to knowing that you do not know.

To getting to the crest and not pausing to celebrate, but putting your head down and continuing on. back down to go up again. over and over and over.

Last week i was all high-fiving myself like a fat squirrel bumping tummies.  Booya! Crushing this.! Hero of Horse Creek! i can do every single thing all by my own self. watch this…hold my beer..which is now only exclusively hoppy-piney-IPAs…

and now, as of about 7:45am this morning,  we are each burrito wrapping ourselves in wool yoga blankets to bust through the drifts together as the sun comes up in the morning to get to school on time.

the first six miles in the side-by-side. then a transition to the truck that requires the time is takes to chisel two inches of ice accumulated from two days of blowing snow and sleet and Wyoming weather. it was 6 degrees when we lost the plow truck this morning.

then keeping up with cheerful banter all the way to first bell. like the life we are living is just like everyone else is doing it. ho hum. wejustlivedanentireweekbefore7:30amonMonday.

we look at all the tracks in the snow. we narrate the stories. we interface with the elements in the rawest form from the start of the day till the end of the night. somehow the extra-ordinary of all of this imprints somewhere in or on them. i certain sometimes, and i hope other times.

We lost the road today. At least for a little while. it feels as liberating as it did to become a white dot on the tour divide.

it is temporary. and in the meantime, until it begins to melt to mud, i can value the opportunity to have the experience.

the dream i have every time i close my eyes, is of great adventure. i am living it every day with my eyes wide open.


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