Aligned Stars

La Madre showed up today.
She is one rad bitch.

This is how she planned the day:
Wake up just before daybreak.
Let the doggles out.
Turn tea kettle on.
Start the fire in the woodstove.
Make a bottle for Critter.
Check emails and NY Times headlines.
Creep in to get the Critter.
Get welcomed with giggles and hugs
Chill with Crit while we watched the sunrise.
Headed to coffee shop to see our friends.
Had a cup of decaf while Critter got passed around – more giggles
Came home to mush up bananas and feed Critter
Eat several varieties of citrus fruits

Citrus Galore…thanks Bountiful Baskets!!!

Critter naps – La Madre works
Hired two peeps
Checked a bunch off the list
Had the soup and cornbread for lunch (third meal in a row)
Crit wakes up.
Head into town.
Drive out Horse Creek to see where we can ski
Get stuck in snow drift.
Get unstuck
More giggles – not grumpy at all
Head back to town.
Crawl around a bit with Crit
She heads back to bed
Citrus galore…again
Several more phone calls and work wrap up
Over to Frank’s for hang and Jeopardy!
Pack up Critter’s stuff – off to Joe and Cza Cza’s
Left Critter with Joe and  took off for yoga
Forearm Stand – first one since the beginning of first pregnancy
Back to Joe and Cza Cza’s for scrumptious dinner
Home to put Critter right to bed.
Watched a movie

What a day.
Energy a it closer to being back to normal
Less nauseous all day
Overall rather pleasant.

Did see a girl running this evening and wished it were me

Jackson Hole is supposed to be getting dumped on the next couple of days. If I play my cards right, I think I’ll head over to the Village on Saturday for one last go of it!

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